Custom Wood Craftsman

Est 1985

Our Work

We specialise in the construction of customised staircases, furniture, interiors and balustrades. We use quality imported materials from Europe and all wood work is done with hard woods, veneer boards, superwood and chipboards. Measurements are taken on-site and advice on the choice of materials and the design can be provided. Customisations can be done based on sketches, drawings or pictures that you provide.


We build customised indoor and outdoor staircases. Indoor staircases are usually constructed with Meranti, Oak, Beech, Maple or African Walnut and for outdoor staircases we recommend using Meranti wood. Staircases are constructed offsite. A typical staircase takes about two to three weeks to manufacture off-site and three days to assemble on-site. Staircases are treated with a special floor sealer so no treatment is necessary after installation. Outdoor staircases needs to be treated twice a year.


Customised furniture can be constructed from all hard woods that are available and veneer boards. For kitchen cupboards that needs spraying in different colours we use superwood. All butchers blocks will be carefully designed to match your kitchen or patio area. Construction materials such as the handles, locks and sliding gear are imported from Europe.


Completely new interiors raging from offices, kitchens, dinning rooms, bedrooms, lofts, and bar areas can be constructed. Existing interiors can be revamped. Contact us to discuss the possabilities.


We provide on-site advice on the style and colour of the balustrades. Balustrades can be turned, fluted or straight and all the handrails can be custom made. For outdoor balustrades we recommend using Meranti wood. Indoor balustrades can be constructed from any hard wood types available.

Wood Types

Most common and reasonably priced is Indonesian Meranti. Suitable for indoors and outdoors use. Medium cost woods are White and Red Oak, better suited to indoor use. More expensive types are Beech, Butternut and Maple. These are suitable for indoor use. Most hard woods are imported and properly kiln dried. Remember, wood is alive and can expand and contract depending on the weather conditions and the amount of moisture in the air. Because of this it is very important to take these aspects of wood into consideration when deciding on the type of wood that you like to use for your project. Luckily at Custom Wood Craftsman our advice is always free.


(Shorea Spp)


(Quercus Alba)


(Quercus Rubra)


(Fagus Grandifolia)


(Junglans Cinerea)


(Acer Nigrum)

Our Story

Originally from Germany and established since 1982 in South Africa, Detlev Skrzypczak has more than 45 years of experience in wood craftsmanship. With his European eye for quality he will make your project a success. Creating furniture is his passion and he proudly does all main construction himself and personally comes to install the end result with his small team of helpers.

We look forward to working with you.